Selecting font

Greetings thinkers,

I’ve recently moved to DtPro (which is a real delight), and am wondering about the action of the font selection in the Preferences dialogue. I can choose a (default?) font for plain text and one for rich text, but this doesn’t seem to affect the font of any of my texts. Basically, I’d like to view all rich text clippings with one font. Any ideas?


I believe these preferences will only change the fonts on new plain or rich texts that you create and into which you type. They will not affect the extant rich or plain text documents. Also importing other items into rich texts will retain their original formatting rather than changing to the font you chose. You can change your older documents manually, however (maybe a script could be written to do them in a batch).


Okay, thanks. I guess that makes sense for the majority of cases :wink: