Selecting image file causes entire UI to redraw

In DT3, whenever I select any image file the entire UI will redraw itself. It only happens with images… not text or pdfs, etc.

I captured a quick video to show what I’m talking about. If I’m browsing through a group with many images it is typically more pronounced than the example I captured… guessing because the files are usually larger.

With larger images I expect the actual image to not draw immediately… but I do not expect the UI to disappear and reappear. It is really distracting.

Is this something exclusive to my system? or is this a known issue?


Yes, this is a known issue and has been reported several times on these forums.

Thanks! feel free to close/delete this topic. I searched before posting but not well enough apparently :slight_smile:

No worries and you’re welcome! :slight_smile:

The next release will work around this Catalina glitch.

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