Selecting Search or Move to Group

Suggestion for a user interface improvement.

Selecting Search or Move to Group. If I want to select a group to be searched or to move a document to, and that group has sub-groups, you currently have to highlight the Parent group, navigate to the side pop-up selection menu, and then highlight the same Parent group again. Selecting the Parent Group from the original drop down should be sufficient.



thank you for the suggestion. The next build will be probably revised accordingly but this improvement will be limited to OS X 10.3.x (due to limitations of OS X 10.2.x).

Can you explain the context of this suggestion?  I can’t figure it out, e.g. which “side pop-up selection menu”?  Thanks.

Sure – it’d be lot easier with pictures, but…

From, say, Vertical Split view, suppose there’s a document you’d like to move. From the left (navigation) pane, control-click on it, and the contextual menu comes up.

From that menu, there’s a Move to selection, with an arrow on it. Bring your cursor to that, and yet another pop-up menu will come up, the top half of which has recently used locations, the bottom half of which will show your Group hierarchy.

My request was that if any Group had any subgroups, you’d have to navigate past that Group (which has a folder icon) to the next pop-up menu, and then select that same Group from the top of the last pop-up menu (which would have an arrow icon), which seemed kind of silly.

It’s a pretty minor user interface request.


Yep, pictures would sure be easier… I’m really dense today because I still don’t understand this from your description.  Of course Christian got it right on the first try. :slight_smile:

The CM always opens with the top level hierarchy even when the selected item is at some other level.  From there you drill down to some group.  An “arrow-group” (==> group name) at the top that group acts as the end point for that group when it contains other groups.  Otherwise you’d select some other group with only the folder icon that doesn’t contain other groups.  Or you’d navigate to the next level down by moving over one of the folder icons that has the triangle on its right, indicating it has subgroups.

I’ve navigated up and down that CM a zillion times and I must be blind to any redundancy in this process:

Any arrow-group at the top says "stop here"
Any folder icon and group name says "stop here"
Any folder icon, group name and triangle says "navigate to next level and repeat the process"

Only thing that sometimes seems superfluous are the recently used arrow-groups at the top of the CM.  Ahh, maybe you’re saying you can just get rid of the ones acting as the “stop here” points while navigating?  I see how that would be possible since it’s similar to opening a folder from a hierarchy expanded from the Dock; you don’t need to navigate into the folder to open it.

Thanks for your time.  Sorry to make a big deal over something apparently so minor.  Now I’ve frustrated myself into needing to understand it… am I any closer? :slight_smile:

E.g. "Move To" menus contain things like…

Group > "Arrow Icon" Group

…and these two items could be combined using OS X 10.3.x

Or, if there is:

Group > "Arrow Icon" Group
                 Sub-group 1
                 Sub-group 2

Then, stopping on the Group (and not the "Arrow Icon" Group, should allow the move to go into Group, instead of the current behavior of not moving the item at all.