Selecting text on To Go

Is it only me, or is it really too difficult to select a text in To Go (apart from the PDFs)?

To Go doesn’t seem to use Apple’s default text selection gestures, and getting the gestures right is very difficult. Out of every 10 times I try to expand a selection beyond a single word, 5 times I lose the selection and 4 times I open the side bar!

Indeed DTTG seems to use a proprietary text editor (likely to support additional features not offered by the iOS text editor).

I am not experiencing trouble selecting text and modifying the selection range on my iPad. At least, I’m having no more trouble doing so in DTTG than I do in any other application (since text selection in iOS is finicky at the best of times!).

I just tested this in a text document in both Edit and View modes. Also tried it on a markdown in Edit and View modes, no issues beyond what I normally see.

Are you on a phone or iPad?

I also have great trouble on my Ipad Air 2 selecting text. I usually end up giving up, and using a bluetooth keyboard.

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