Selective Sync Conflict with Dropbox

I’m entirely new to DEVONthink, but I searched the forums and couldn’t find an answer.
I’m trying to set up a sync so that I can have same database on multiple computers through Dropbox (the databases are stored locally on each computer, by the way). I’m having trouble getting it to work smoothly, however. I followed the instructions on the video: I went Preferences in Dropbox - Advanced - Change Settings for Selective Sync. Because another App is using Dropbox, I first synched the database, and then went into the APP folder and deselected Devonthink. This created a Selective Sync Conflict folder on Dropbox. Is this supposed to happen?

I guess a second problem is that I have files in the database that are indexed (not imported) and the location of those files is likewise on Dropbox. This is causing a lot of problems (duplicates, a warning, that there is a conflict in the databases. I haven’t lost anything, but I was wondering whether I am doing something wrong with synching. Am I supposed to have the database stored on each computer or just one? Is there a problem with indexing files through Dropbox? Am I supposed to have a Selective Sync Conflict folder on Dropbox? Thanks for any help.

Sync will create a local copy on each machine.

They shouldn’t be causing the conflict. Most conflicts are from RSS feeds or files that have been edited on more than one machine.

No idea and I’ve never seen one.

Make SURE your DEVONthink database is NOT in a Dropbox folder.

Thanks. I don’t have the database itself in Dropbox. The conflicts are probably due to the fact that I am editing the database on two different machines. Is that not recommended? I guess I was expecting the sync to keep everything, well, in sync, much like something like OmniFocus does.

I’m a bit worried that no one has seen a selective sync conflict folder. That sounds like I must have done something wrong with the original sync (although I can’t imagine what that would have been. The video did say I was supposed to sync the database to Dropbox before I deselected DEVONthink, didn’t it?

What would be the best way of deleting the sync folder and starting over again? I have the database on two machines. Should I delete it from one machine, delete the folder from Dropbox, resync the the database, and then download the database on the other machine?