Selectively syncing a specific Dropox folder with DT

Aplologies if this is already a topic.

I sync DT with Dropbox for DTTG and that works well. But i also want to sync one specific Dropbox folder with DT. (I store notes captured on 1Writer on iOS and use the wikilink functionality and I want the files that are stored on Dropbox to be synced within a DT folder).

I would be grateful for any guidance.

Far as I’m aware, can’t sync individual folders. Maybe wrong, and if so then someone will correct me.

But meantime, if this important to you consider:

: put all the files outside of DEVONthink inside a Dropbox folder and just rely on Dropbox to sync these working files. Maybe in DEVONthink, index these folders if you really want to use DEVONthink for searching and other things that DEVONthink can do.

: Create a new DEVONthink database, say call it “Notes” and put all those files in that database and use that database only for this purpose. Sync this database to where you want it synced.

@rmschne is correct. DEVONthink To Go does not allow indexing files like DEVONthink on the Mac can. However, if you indexed the folder in DEVONthink and synced, you’d end up with the scenario you’re looking for.

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