Send a File from DEVONthink To Go


I’d like to send a file from DEVONthink To Go to e.g. WhatsApp or to Mail.
When I select the file, go to the send menu and select the app… Standart procedure on IOS…

DEVONthink To Go always wants to send the item link. is it possible to send the file instead?
Ideally I would like to be able to select what is being sent…


The file is attached, but the mechanism includes other metadata as well.

On iOS devices that support Split Screen, along with apps supporting drag and drop, you can drag a file from DEVONthink To Go into a draft email in Mail.

Thanks a lot!

Email and imessage work exactly as you described. It is only WhatsApp which sends only the image name and the itemlink…

We put the image and the item link onto the pasteboard. It’s for WhatsApp to choose what to use.