Send by e-mail fails, sharing with e-mail works

Sonoma 14.1.2, DT 3.9.4
Context menu offers

  • send by e-mail
  • share (with an option to share by e-mail)

The first option does nothing here (anymore – I’m sure that worked ok in the past). The second one works as expected. Restarting DT makes “send by e-mail” work again, but only for some time. Then it stops working again. Nothing in DT’s log. Found this in launchd.log:

2023-12-19 15:42:57.997011 (pid/84195/ [94701]) <Notice>: extension already interrupted clean exit attempt

but this log is so crowded, it’s difficult to figure out what is meaningful. Nothing relevant from DT there, in any case.

It’s probably Sonoma’s random scripting issue, see Send by email does not Work anymore - #10 by chrillek

I’m getting old apparently, reporting the same issue twice.


Does updating to 14.2.1 fix this?

Fix me forgetting things? I doubt it. I’ll upgrade and see if it at least fixes the intermittent mail issue.

I meant the scripting issue of course :joy:

I’ve updated macOS, we’ll see how it works out with sending e-mail and other things :wink: