Send by Email changed?

Up until I updated to DEVONthink v3.5.2, the Send by Email toolbar button worked great. For plain text and Markdown documents, it would open my default mail application (MailMate) and paste the content into the body of the email, and set the subject to the name of the file. Now with v3.5.2, it creates a new email, but adds the Markdown or plain text document as an attachment to the email. I want the old way back. How can I get that back? I didn’t see anything mentioned about this change in the release notes.

This is an intended and requested change, multiple items can now be sent via MailMate too contrary to former releases.

I can appreciate the utility in being able to send multiple items, but it’s a shame to lose the utility of the prior method. I built a workflow out of creating Markdown documents in DEVONthink, and I would frequently need to send them as emails, not as attachments. It kills the whole thing to have those attached as .md files to an email. :frowning: Perhaps a second toolbar button called “Send as Email Attachment” would allow for both use-cases? Plus, we already had the ability to send multiple files as attachments to a single email via the Share button. Do we really need two methods to do the same thing, especially when it comes at the expense of a different useful feature?

It’s actually a little bit funny, because I was about to suggest that the Send by Email feature be modified slightly: If it’s a plain text file, it worked great. If it’s a Markdown file, it would still set the MailMate type to plain text (even though my MailMate is configured with Markdown as the standard format for all new emails). It would be great if DEVONthink respected the MailMate setting, or at least made a different decision based on the file type.

The request is noted.

In the meantime, is there a hidden preference I can change to get the old functionality back?

No, there is no such hidden preference.