"Send by email" does not work for PDF files

Hi –

I’m having a problem e-mailing files in DTPO. There is a right-click context menu item named ‘Send by Email.’ I would think this would attach the selected file to a new e-mail message. But it doesn’t seem to do that.

If I select a “PDF+text” file, then the message body is just the OCR’d text.

If I select a PDF file (no OCR text), then the message body is empty.

How can I add the file as an attachment?


Select one or more documents and drag onto the Mail icon in the Dock. A new message will be created and will include the selected document(s) as an attachment.

Works as expected, over here. What version of DEVONthink and OS X are you using?

I can attach both PDF and PDF+Text to messages using the “Send by Email” contextual item, Data > Send by Email, and the “Send by Email” toolbar icon

After a bit of research, the problem seems to be in using alternative mail clients. I am using Airmail. When I switch to Mail.app, then ‘Send by Email’ works.

When dragging the file to the dock icon, both Airmail and Mail work. The problem is only with ‘Send by Email.’


The problem is solved by setting Airmail as the default email client in Apple Mail > Preferences > General > 'Default email reader’.
DEVONthink Pro (Office) respects this setting.

Berndm - no, not really. I have Airmail set as the default client. When it is set, and I use ‘Send as Email’, a new messages is prepared in Airmail, but the PDF is not attached.

DT does respect the system-wide pref set in Mail.app; it’s just that attaching the PDF doesn’t work like it should.


Hankk, sorry, you are correct. I got fooled by a text that was also displayed inline in Airmail.

If it helps - as an alternative to the “Send by email”-button in DEVONthink’s toolbar - you can save this code in a script and put it in the toolbar.

tell application id "com.devon-technologies.thinkpro2”
	set rRecord to the content record of window 1
	set cPath to path of rRecord
	set cFile to POSIX file cPath as string
end tell

tell application "Airmail 2”
	open alias cFile
end tell

This is for Airmail2. Should you use the former version, I think replacing "Airmail 2” with “Airmail” in the code should be sufficient.

Please note, this only works for 1 attachment at a time. Should you like this and want a version that works with more attachments, ask this forum. There are other guys here who know Apple Script better than me.

Airmail 2 is not yet supported.

Hopefully this is on the list for a future update?