Send files from DT via E-Mail


I am new to the forum, so first of all I would like to thank all of you. I read lots of interesting tips & tricks in the last days…

So, now I have a problem. And I tried to search for an answer, to no avail yet. I understand that I can send a file from DevonThink via E-Mail. Imagine I want to send a MS-Word file, and just the document itself. Every time I try to send the file, the RTF contents of the file is placed in the mail’s body, with the *.doc document attached. Is there a convenient way to just attach the *.doc document?

Thank you!

One possibility is to drag the document to Apple Mail in the Dock.

Uhm, OK, well… :open_mouth: Sometimes one misses the obvious… Thanks, “problem” solved! :smiley:

Re: the mail plugin. It would be nice to use other email apps as well. For instanace i’m using Mailplane (with Gmail) as my default mailer

There are many email applications but only a limited amount of time to support them so we decided to support what we perceived as the most popular. If your favourite application uses the Unix mailbox format, you can import your messages.

Dragging items to Mailplane’s icon does the trick. Doesn’t get much easier than that. If that’s too difficult then you can always right click on the item and send via email from the context menu item at the bottom (assuming you’re using the latest beta). If Mailplane is set to your default mail program, which you have to do in its preferences, then it will also send the item via Mailplane. I’m using the latest Mailplane and it works as described.