Send from iOS share sheet to a database group in DT GO

Is there a way I can send from the iOS share sheet to a group in a database directly. I can only send it to an inbox for a database at the moment, which leaves me with having to sort all these inboxes. Would be good if I can just put info where it needs to go. Am I missing something?

When I share from other IOS apps to DEVONthink ToGo, I mostly share to the Global Inbox, then in the DEVONthink I have some rules looking at the Global inbox setup to Convert web archive to PDF, OCR if necessary, do an automatic classify which puts them into to the Groups. I don’t do it, but one can have rules that does not do automatic classify and instead based on programmed logic to put into the desired groups.


Thanks. I might have a play around with that.

I was just thinking about this today. The use of rules is one option, but I wondered if there wasn’t an option using shortcuts. Will continue to poke around…

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Thanks, that would be good.

For example:

  • Create a Shortcut
  • Make it available in the share sheet
  • Add Shortcuts action: ask for input
  • Store as variable TITLE
  • Add DT action: create item
  • Choose file, add the variable as title and choose a group.

Optionally add one of the other parameters.


Thank you. I’ll give that a go today.