Send Mail: Crashes Apple Mail or Adds Item to Drafts

Using ‘Send Mail’ as an option on an alarm is an issue for me!

If it is a simple plain text document created inside Dtp then when alarm is triggered the email, with file title and link, is created but goes into the Drafts folder and has to be sent manually. Is this by design?

However if, for example, the item is a Word document at the time of trigger it crashes Apple Mail and no email ever appears! Should it send the file as an attachment?

Peter H

I’m not seeing any crash here.

What operating system are you running?
Please post a screen capture of the Reminder setup.

The file isn’t attached at this time. @cgrunenberg would have to assess that.

Also bear in mind, there is a bug in Apple Mail that causes an issue when the file in DEVONthink has a URL associated with it.

Running 10.15.5

Tried again today and both scenarios (attached) produce a Notification and an email is generated but goes into Drafts?


Do you use any third-party plugins for Apple Mail?

I have the following Plug-ins running;

Letter Opener
SmallCubed MailSuite

I did try 10 reminders this morning all set to 0600 and Send Email 4 arrived by email, the remainder went to Drafts and Mail crashed!

If there is no knowledge base history on any of these plugins I guess you are going to say try with them turned off!?


Yes, I would suggest to disable all of them (except the one for DEVONthink).

Have tried various options and it appears that MailButler is the culprit! With that plain removed then all works fine with the other two implemented.