Send pdf by email doesn't work with Thunderbird

Hi, all
The ‘send by email’ option isn’t working for me in the latest version of DT3 (interacting with the latest version of Thunderbird). When I try to send a pdf, I don’t get an email draft with the pdf as an attachment. Instead I get the text of the pdf converted to plain text and inserted into the body of the email.

This is rather laborious to fix: I have to remove the text from the body of the email, then drag the pdf icon from DT to the email.

Simply dragging the icon from DT to the Thunderbird icon in the dock does … nothing.

Wondering if there is a script that works for this interaction.

Thunderbird 78.13.0, Devonthink 3.7.2



Thunderbird is a poor choice for interapplication communication like this.

At the moment, the only option is to start composing an email in Thunderbird then drag and drop the desired file from DEVONthink into the draft.
Sadly, Thunderbird doesn’t support receiving multiple files at once from DEVONthink either.

Also, the dock icon has to be programmed by the Thunderbird team to allow for receiving dropped files.

Thanks! That workaround is in fact what I generally do. At least now I know it is necessary!

At least DT is open to other email solutions. Some other software I could name defaults to Apple Mail for this kind of interaction.


You’re welcome!

If an email application has AppleScript support and sufficient interest from our user base, we usually try to integrate with that app.

Sadly, newer email clients aren’t adding such support which hamstrings us and makes their clients unhappy that DEVONthink doesn’t work with their favorite email client. People should contact those developers and request enough AppleScript support to create emails, including adding attachments, at a minimum.


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