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Hi All,

as my favourite email client is Airmail, I hoped to get the same possibility as with Apple Mail to start emails from Devonthink. In general DT3 opens a new mail in Airmail, but does not contain the attachment from Devonthink, just drag and drop the attachment after this works.

Does anybody know a workaround. Maybe with a script?

Cheers Harald

Is airmail scriptable?

Which version of Airmail and DEVONthink do you use?

My experience is the same as @pupinko

I’m running Airmail 5.0.1 and DEVONthink 3.6.2. When Apple Mail is set as the default email client, Send by Email works as it should. With Airmail set as default, a new email window opens in Airmail, but there’s no attachment.


I almost forgot about this, while having to much stuff on my table.

I just can report, this is still a fact, means no attachment is added, when starting an email from Devonthink in Airmail. Apple Mail is working.

The actual versions are: DT 3.7.2 and Airmail 5.0.4. These are the latest versions, running under Big Sur 11.3.

This is an Airmail issue, not a DEVONtech one.

I’ve said this many times before, but here it is again…
Airmail is a poor choice for interapplication communication. Also, you can include other clients like Thunderbird, Spark, etc. Apple Mail is still the best of breed for this.

Here is a response on Alfred’s forums about the issue you’re reporting and Airmail’s response…

Maybe this is an Airmail problem, but I would not switch to another mail app just for this problem, as I know they have much more downsides. I love Airmail, although there are some things not perfect, like everywhere, even in Devonthink ;-).

Btw. I’m using also Path Finder and it is offering sending attachments with Airmail and this works perfectly for some reason …

From a little bit of Googling, it looks like Pathfinder does Applescript…

And they also say that each mail client needs a different script. So it might be a good idea to look for these scripts, locate the one that talks to Airmail and adapt it so that it works with DT. Maybe.
OT: The script documentation of Airmail is even more underwhelming than that of Apple’s Notes.

Just like DEVONthink does. Actually it includes several scripts for different Airmail versions. Unfortunately the developers of this email client change (and break) the script suite frequently, no other email client needs so many updates.

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Post a screen capture.