Send search results to a specific DEVONthink location?

I have a daily search that saves its results to DEVONthink. Today, I open DTPO and manually drag those results to their intended destination. Is there a way to say “this search set should go into database Foo, group Bar”?

No. The only possibility would be to use a customized action script to archive the results in the desired location.

Could I make that a feature request? It seems like that would be a pretty common use case.

I believe that would be a great feature!

Or maybe more details on how this kind of modified action script needs to be created.




+1 on this. Having the ability to select a target database in DevonThink directly in the software seems like a given functionality.

And again, I’d also be interested in more info regarding how to achieve this through scripting.



On a DEVONagent search set’s “Actions” tab, look for the “Execute Script” action. From the menu provided there you will see built-in scripts that are located at ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONagent/Action Scripts. One of the built-scripts is “File results in DEVONthink”. If you clone that script and modify your clone(s) to file search set results in a specific database/group destination, then you can choose your customized script when configuring your search sets.