send selected file(s) to DT

I’m trying to figure out if there is a script whereby I can choose a file on the desktop/in the finder, and simply run the script to send it to DT (i.e. go to the file I have designated in my preferences). I have tried the script called “Copy Selection to Incoming”, but that script created a folder for me called “incoming” and did not actually copy the item, but rather created a .pict file with the URL to the file in my finder. The same thing happens for the script caled “Copy Selection to…” This is very odd, not at all what I would expect the script to do.

Is there a script out there to do this?

On a related note, for the times I am doing mousework to move files around - I noticed that dropping files onto DT’s icon in the dock is placing the files to the top folder RATHER than the designated folder for new items in my preferences. This may be a small glitch.

You might have a look at the droplets (see Extras folder of disk image).

Christian, thanks for this. It works exactly like dropping a file on the DT icon, but it is better for my needs because I can use it for a trigger in Quicksilver.

But I am still having the same problem as when dropping a file on the DT icon - the newly imported files are going to the top folder in the database, even though in my import preferences I have new notes set to go to an inbox folder. Shouldn’t the droplet and dock drop be placing files into the folder chosen in the preferences?

No. The preference applies to notes (created via services or clipboard), not to importing/indexing.