Send to DTTG: a small enhancement request

Huge fan of the ‘send to’ feature on iOS. You can see the glass has worn away on my screen from where the icon is.

One point of minor friction I would like to see addressed is for it to remember the clipping format on the second page if you go back to change tags or a destination database. When you subsequently move forward to set the capture format and finalise the interaction, it always defaults to the topmost item rather than the one chosen earlier. I understand why this selection cannot be preserved between invocations of the ‘send to’ action - you may be capturing a web archive one time, which makes no sense for a subsequent PDF capture, but formats remain consistent within a single transaction, so with a naive understanding of how this series of pages works on iOS I’d have thought it would be merely an unrealised possibility.

Thanks for letting me air my request, and I’m continuing to enjoy the tips on Instagram-not-Threads!


The request is noted and thanks for being pleasant and friendly with your requests :heart: :slight_smile: