‘Send to’ on iOS disappears from the share sheet

First, thanks for all the updates and the value they represent. I went all-in on DTTG3 the moment it came out, and it’s syncing so much faster than before. I’ve not even explored the new features, but £20 every few years seems extremely good value for what the software allows me to do. I’d have happily paid that just as a maintenance release.

Anyway - very heavy user of the iOS share sheet DTTG extension, but since the update I’ve found it’s not listed as a target in the places I used to expect it (eg, Safari). I saw it in place once since the update, but after the last point update, it’s not appearing.

Has a flag flipped in the recent build processes by accident, or is my phone being hissy with me?

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Restart your iPhone. i*OS is kind of picky with app updates and removes them (some of them?) from the share sheet. Rebooting should fix that.


This is a glitch in iOS that has persisted for quite some time, especially as apps are updated (but not only then).


Thanks @chrillek and @dario, a phone restart shook it out. Hope this thread is useful for anyone else who has this (iOS!) problem.

Maybe, since it is already at least the second one here :wink:

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This thread was very useful to me! Thanks.