Sending email from Airmail 4 (legacy) to DT 3

I’m not sure if this is a user issue or a license level issue. I’m trying to put copies of email from a specific sender into my DT database. I have the lowest level of the DT license, so I know that some of the features are not available.

If I drag and drop an email from Airmail into DT, I get an item that is .eml and has a nicely formatted header with to/from/subject/etc. However, the pane where I would expect the body to reside is empty. If I open the file in a text editor (BBEdit in my case), I see the whole body as I would expect. This is the same when I drop an email on Sorter.

If I use the Airmail Send To DEVONthink context menu item, I get the plain text of the body content with a link to the airmail item.

Is what I am trying to do what DT considers “email archiving?” If not, am I doing something incorrectly?

When you say Airmail “Legacy” have you selected legacy compatibility as in the bottom choice here:

Yes, that’s what my compatibility is set to. I haven’t had the need to upgrade to Airmail 4 Pro since they went to a subscription model.