Sending email from Outlook to DT

The version of Evernote I have been using has a way for me to send an email from Outlook directly to a folder in Evernote. I use that function a lot and wonder how I can do that with Devonthink. I don’t want to batch send lots, but every day there are multiple emails that come that I want to send to my inbox to later act upon.

When I looked at other threads, they suggested a Script that I didn’t know what to do with or to “add the Outlook account to Apple Mail and import the messages directly using the DT3 plugin”. I’m not sure how to do that.

Can anyone help with more detailed instructions, please?

Not the best solution but could work.

You need to set your outlook account in Apple Mail App in your Mac. (I assume you have an,, or any other exchange account kind). Then you will select your emails in Apple Mail and “send” them to DT via DT plugin.

To be able to “send” the email to DT, you must enable DT plugin in Mail App (CMD+, then General, top bottom you will have some kind of button “Manage Plugins” or similar, my macOS is in Spanish, then you will see the DT plugin. Enable it.

Now in Mail, with email(s) selected, go to “Message” menu and you will see an extra entry called “Add to Devonthink”. You can use the keyboard shortcut as well.

Is there a better solution? I don’t use Apple Mail so getting into it to send my Outlook mail sounds complicated and inefficient.

Yes, it is very inefficient if you don’t use Apple Mail.

I haven’t tested, but perhaps if you drop wanted emails into INBOX folder in Finder they will go to Global Inbox in DT.

Any dropped stuff into that INBOX folder (if enabled in DT), should go into Global Inbox in DT.

This inbox:

For anyone else struggling to find a good solution, the free ebook Take Control of DevonThink has a good solution. It says:

If you use Microsoft Outlook for email, you can also send messages or mailboxes to DEVONthink without leaving your email client. In this case DEVONthink relies on AppleScripts to do its thing.

The scripts are found on the system-wide Script menu on the right side of your menu bar. If you don’t see it there, open the Script Editor utility (found in Applications/Utilities/), choose Script Editor > Preferences, and select “Show Script menu in menu bar.” (You can then quit Script Editor.)

When you’re running Outlook, two DEVONthink-specific scripts appear at the bottom of the Script menu, both of which are self-ex- planatory:

• Add Mailbox to DEVONthink

• Add Message(s) to DEVONthink

Select the mailbox(es) or message(s) you want to import, and then choose the appropriate script from the menu.

Worked like a charm.

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This does work well, but not if you want to retitle your email. For that, a very simple workaround was to just copy and paste into a new DT note from the tool that now sits on my right hand part of my screen that I can pull up at any time. I can designate a new title, add tags and file anywhere very easily, with the click of a button.

I can’t get this Applescript to work. When I select an email, or several, and then chose the “add messages to DEVONthink”, a window pops up saying that one or more messages must be selected, as if it didn’t recognize that they were.

Can anyone help?


If you’re using the new interface in Outlook, the script won’t work. Microsoft would have to address this issue.


Bluefrog, thanks for such a rapid and clear response!

You’re very welcome :slight_smile:

Using Apple Mail to access your Outlook account is trivial. Just lauch Apple mail and add the account. And as @rfog says, setup Apple Mail to communicate to DEVONthink.

Then in the course of the day when you are routinely using Outlook (the app) and you find a mail (or mails) that you want to get int DEVONthink, flip over to Apple Mail and just do it. Simple.

I turned off the new Outlook interface and got this script to work, but only partially. It imported my messages to the DT inbox, but all of them are blank? All my messages have the subject line, but selecting it shows no sender, no subject, and a blank body. Any ideas what would cause this problem?

Welcome @MightyModest

This is an issue with Apple’s QuickLook framework not working with all emails.

Here’s an email dragged from Outlook as shown in QuickLook in the Finder

And the same one dragged from Apple Mail…

You can use View > Document Display > Text Alternative in DEVONthink to show the text view.
You can also set Text Alternative as the default view via Preferences > Email > Messages > Use alternative view.

Thanks for the recommendations. I just tried your first tip ( View > Document Display > Text Alternative) but those three options are greyed out. I tried setting that with the email selected and not, and it is the same. Am I doing something wrong?

Screen Shot 2021-04-10 at 4.02.28 PM

Regarding the preferences, I don’t see that option either. My top level preferences are General, Editing, WikiLinks, Import, Sorter, Media, Colors, Web, RSS, Sync, and none of them have reference to email?

You’re welcome!
You are running the Standard edition of DEVONthink then. Only the Pro and Server editions handle emails.