Sending file to multiple open databases?

I’m using DTPO’s web server function to serve documents in a company intranet.

The idea is that each department gets its own database with their own username/password.

Is there a more efficient way to send an item to multiple databases instead of having to use the Sorter, or manually duplicating the item to each database?

Is it more the case that you want multiple departments viewing the same document?

If so, making the Global Inbox available (without a password) would allow each department to see the common, shared documents.

Or, putting the shared documents in a folder and index that folder into each database individually. The server will display the contents of indexed folders and each database user group that indexes that folder will be able to see the same folder.

Otherwise, no, there’s no simple way to put a document in multiple places other than (a) a custom script, or (b) just doing the copying manually

OK I hacked up an ugly AppleScript to do the job. Thanks for the input. :smiley: