Sense of jagged arrows by images

In the browser there are jagged arrows on the left side of every symbol.

What is the sense of this?

Jochen (.de)

as far as i understand, the jagged arrows mean that the concerned document exists on its own and is linked to DT; no arrow means the document exists only INSIDE the database (there is no extra file).

to be honest: the manual is not very well written (in german: it is not "idiotensicher"), a document existing only inside DT is called a "real document" in the manual - as opposed to documents existing outside (to me the latter are "real" documents). maybe a linguist specialised on writing IT manuals should check through the manual and some of the commands?

what is a replicant? i’d prefer “clone” (that would be much clearer; in german: Klon, klonen); the same accounts for “entfernen/löschen” which in german means more or less the same (delete/destroy in englisch isn’t much better, but at least destroy implicates something serious - the german equivalent would be “zerstoeren” or “vernichten”).

otherwise i am rather happy with DT!

Thanks for the answer.

jagged arrows means link to original?
I have move the original document with jagged arrows in trash, but I can see the document in DT

no jagged arrows means only in DT?
I have move the original document without jagged arrows in trash, but I can see the also document in DT

Thats not the solution???

I’m agree with you. The manual could be mutch better!!!

The same.

Jochen (.de)

The arrows just mean that the document or image is not stored inside the database (and therefore a link or a reference to the filesystem).

In addition, the status bar of windows displays the location of the selected content:

  1. Disk icon: Located in the filesystem
  2. DT icon: Located in the database
  3. Bookmark icon: Located in the Internet

Visual buglet:

When a link item is locked the lock indicator (padlock) covers the link indicator (jagged arrow).

There’s currently only room for one for one visual indicator and the “locked” one overrides the “arrow”. Might be modified in a future release.

How 'bout adding a third  "linked+locked indicator?

Or a preference to choose which one gets precedence? For the type of content management I do knowing that items are linked will always be more important for me than knowing that they’re locked.

There will be a third indicator (but this does not have a high priority at the moment - I guess one rarely locks linked files).

Good point.