Sente template not functional in DT 2.0?

Has anyone had success using the template for Sente (in the “Education” template folder)? The error message is attached, but I definitely have Sente running and have a reference selected with notes. Any suggestions?
Screen shot 2010-02-24 at 6.04.18 PM.png

It would be very nice if someone could make the Sente template functional!

Try this: go to
/Users/uname/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Templates.noindex/Education/


Reference (from Sente).templatescriptd

in script editor (or applescript editor or whatever it’s now called) and change “Sente” everywhere to “Sente 6”. I don’t have Sente (I have an expired trial so can’t try), but the script seems to look for a process “Sente”, while it is now called “Sente 6”, I think.

Anyway, worth a try.

Edit: uname is your username!

Thanks for the suggestion; I did look at the bundle of reference templates in the script editor. However, changing the app name did not yield positive results, but got this response, which might be interpretable by someone else:
Screen shot 2010-02-24 at 8.40.13 PM.png

Also, for the curious, here are two shots of the template (there was no English language template for Sente in the bundle, but it is clear enough):

Looking at the script, it appears that it is comparing the main window title to the contents of pMainWindowName (see near the beginning of the script), and if it’s not assumes it’s the wrong window.

As I said I can’t check as sente doesn’t let me do anything (I’m out of the trial period), but I imagine the window is named “Sente 6” or something like that now. Maybe try changing the first non-comment line of the script to

property pMainWindowName : "Sente 6"

As far as I can remember, I ran into that problem in one the recent 2.0 betas and stopped hassling with the code after a useless while. The Devonians honourably made the effort and unilaterally tried to come up with these hacks to showcase a tiny bit of integration with bibliographic software. Alas, Sente has been a movable target in recent months.

It’s so obviously that devonthink is the new black in the information production support software market (I’ve read way to many IBM brochures and papers, I guess). A significant and increasing chunk of serious researchers working on Macs will for sure want to enjoy the features of devonthink. I can’t think of any product that could stop them from dominating this market segment for the next couple of years. Thus any sensible bibliographic software producer should rush for tight integration with DT.

Sente 6.1 is in the works and devontech has announced further integration with bibliographic software. A bit of patience and this problem might be solved. Hopefully.


I have finally gotten around to rewrite the Sente smart template for Sente 6. Please download the new template here and give it a try.

Reference (from Sente 6) (56.8 KB)

Thanks Eric!

However, the link back to the original article inside Sente does not work for me though. Behind the link, only the name of the library are passed on, with no specifics about the reference itself, so no wonder Sente cannot make sense of it.

I would appreciate if this error could be resolved. Thanks for the first half nonetheless!


I haven’t been able to get the Sente template working in DT 2.0.4. I first tried the one included in the download and got no response. Then I tried the replacement one offered in this thread, and got the error message:

I also was unable to use the Bookends template. I got the error message:

I got this error whether Bookends’ list view was frontmost or the individual reference window.

Templates are something that had totally passed me by, and I must say I’m very impressed in general. The Cornell template for Pages is particularly useful.

I also can’t get the Sente template to work. If I run it with Sente closed it generates an error message, but if I run it with Sente open it doesn’t do anything at all.

I will look at this soon, now.

Please see for an updated smart template here:

The new template works fine for me. One further question, though: is it possible for the template to fill the ‘keywords’ section with the keywords attached to the Sente reference? Even better, is it possible to import the tags from the Sente reference as well?

Sorry to ask for more things as soon as you’ve delivered the last, but just having tags added to the file as text would allow me to create smart groups based around them…

Thank you for the suggestion. I will have a look at it next week or the week after.


I have been trying out the Endnote and Bookends templates, and really like this function. Is it possible to get a template for Papers?? Currently, I am using Endnote and Papers with DEVONthink in my workflow, and would like to streamline this a bit. I rely on Endnote, because it contains my complete reference library, has been set up with all the groups I need to categorize my library, and it integrates with Endnote Web offered by my university. But Papers is nice in this workflow because it allows drag and drop of pdf attachment into DEVONthink, so I make initial entries into Endnote, and update the Papers library as a duplicate of this.

If you could make a template for Papers, I could work on research in DEVONthink with just Papers open, instead of needing to have Endnote open as well (as I currently do).

Thanks for considering this!! Absolutely love this product–it is changing the way I work (much for the better)!

I re-checked this today and unfortunately even the current version of Papers 2 is not scriptable. This means we cannot access the data stored in Papers for building a smart template. Sorry.

The next version of the Sente template will both fill in a keywords string from the keywords in Sente and set the tags of the created document accordingly.