Serious Error Importing Word Docs

I have encountered a serious error while importing a legal document, written in Microsoft Word, into DevonThink Pro.
Every paragraph in this original “.DOC” file is numbered.
However after importing into DTP paragraph 2 from the DOC file now appears as paragraph 3 in DTP. It has been renumbered and there is no number 2 in DTP.
By the end of the legal document paragraph 82 from the original .DOC file is now being numbered as 94 in DTP.
So DTP is both eliminating numbers from the sequence and adding numbers to the document.
Obviously this is totally unacceptable for a legal document. How can this be resolved?

Version 2 (assuming you’re not using v1.x anymore) doesn’t convert files on its own and therefore it’s only a display glitch. DEVONthink uses Leopard’s Quick Look to display Word documents by default, therefore you should encounter the same issue e.g. in the Finder.

…“it’s only a display glitch”…

I think that this issue is a little more serious than a display glitch.
If I am working with legal documents and need to refer colleagues to specific paragraphs how can I trust what I am seeing in DTP if the document is being reformatted?
Are there any other “glitches” of which I should be aware?

Like Christian said: have you checked in the Finder, by selecting that file and doing a Quick Look in that application to see if the issue arises there as well? If so, you need to file a bug report with Apple since we’re using their code to create the preview of your document.