Seriously missing an 'indent block text' function

While I give DEVONnote big kudos for allowing multiple simultaneous disparate text selections, it is a big omission by DEVONnote to not have the ability to indent and unindent selected blocks of text. Usually on the Mac, editors have something like CMD+] to indent ( and CMD+[ ) as keyboard shortcuts, to unindent a block of text by typically by 4 or 8 characters… and the feature is also accessible from a menu.

Not being able to indent and unindent blocks of text means a lot of tedious labor in formatting text; I mean a LOT of error prone and needlessly tedious labor that is inconsistent with the behavior of most modern text editors.

I don’t have specific recommendations, but suspect this can be done using standard OS X Services or third-party text manipulation utilities. Ideally for whoever wants it, of course, DN would also support it directly. :slight_smile:

How do you do this?

One method (in an RTF document) is to hold Option+Command and select text using the mouse. (Nisus, Bean, TextEdit, etc., use the same method).