Sermon database in Devonthink - searching by Bible reference

I’m trying to sort out a particular challenge – searching by Bible verse …so:

(1) I want to find a talk or some notes on John 5:45-6:8, but I don’t want to find all the docs with just the word ‘John’ in it, and docs on John 6 might be useful, as might docs on John 5-8
(2) I want all documents relevant to John 5:45 – 6:8 [i.e. this goes over a chapter into the verses in the next chapter]?
(3) More simply, I might want all documents relevant to John 5:35 – 45

  • It would also be useful if a search for revealed all Devonthink documents with e.g. John 5:45 -6:8 anywhere in the text, but particularly highlighting those where it is a primary focus: i.e it may be referenced in many documents but is a particular focus of only some such documents…

What route would be best?



I have a considerable Bible database and I am not having much problem searching for explicit values such as “1 Cor 2:16” or even “Matt* 20:2” (though I seems to be getting a few false positives from some PDFs).