SERP search set?

I’ve not seen any way for DevonAgent Pro to gather the top-ranking articles in Google (the so-called ‘SERP’). Is this possible?

Being able to gather the top 30 results would be great!

Which Google plug-in and search term did you use?

I used the Web > Fast, Deep and Deeper
and Google > Last Week

Is the latter the SERP, in order of SERP ranking?

Re search terms, I will be entering many. For example, ‘simple ideas for creativity’ - an article I am writing today.

Various plug-ins (e.g. Google) retrieve results from Google’s search results pages. However, DEVONagent does not retain the original ranking of the results, the results are either sorted by relevancy or the chosen sorting.

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Thank you, that’s what I thought. Still incredibly useful to me, since it allows me to rapidly gather specific search data and sling it across to DevonThink for access.