Server and Web Interface

Would someone mind helping me understand why I might/might not want the Server version with the web interface - How/when I might use it. If I’m going to upgrade, I’d like to be sure I go the right way.


The server is usually only useful for teams and or if you want to access your databases from other platforms.

If you’re currently using the trial version, then you can test the web interface by starting the webserver (see Preferences > Server) and opening one of the links in your browser. Please note that you have to add a user and to enable at least read access to one of your databases first.

PS: This is covered in the Help > Documentation > In & Out > Web sharing.

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Thanks Bluefrog. Now that I’ve downloaded DT3, I’ve had a look at the documentation there and it’s helpful. From what I can see, I don’t think I’m going to be wanting to use the server version.

Thanks @cgrunenberg . It made things clearer for me.

You’re welcome!
Yeah, The Server edition is geared toward business, academia, and group collaboration settings.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

@BLUEFROG Jim, if you are with the DT team, do you think that’s something worth clarifying on your editions page or at least have a link to articulate that difference for people like me who may have a similar question?

People higher up than me would have to assess that _(especially as i’m not a web admin for our site).

PS: Yes, I work for DEVONtechnologies (in Support and Development).


I’m a huge DT enthusiast, and when I signed up for the server edition, I imagined that it would allow me to access my DT database from any webbrowser, e.g. my phone, even when my computer was on a different wireless network. (Imagine, e.g., I’m in a library and want to know if I already have the resource in my browser; I’d just check my DT database online.) However, having finally looked at the instructions about this online, it seems that the server edition will only work with people on the same LAN (collaborators in an office, e.g.) and not, therefore, a suitable tool for having access to my full DT database anywhere (DTGO has never worked on my devices for some reason). Is this correct? If so, is there any other benefit to DT Server? Thanks!

It works from anywhere

You need to set up your router for port forwarding so the port for the server is routed to the computer where the web server runs

Then login from anywhere to http://a.b.c.d:port

having finally looked at the instructions about this online

From the built-in Help > Documentation > In & Out > Web sharing

Would anyone know why when in Web browser mode, when I click on the file it will simply download a “view” folder instead of showing the preview on the bottom portion of the screen?

A screenshot would be useful.

From the app, I can see preview:


But inside web interface, when clicking on the same file, it will initiate a download:

Here’s the downloaded folder:

I responded to this in your support ticket.


I’am also wondering about upgrading to the DT Server Edition.
Does “Tags view” (displayed as Tag Cloud) exist also in DT Server?

No. The filter panes aren’t in the web interface.

Hello @BLUEFROG can DT3 Server and Web Interface be used with the Synology NAS for syncing? So that i can access my database from other platforms aswell from the WAN?