Server "offline"

I’m attempting to Sync a second Mac to the Devonthink server Mac. I have configured the server DT as a Bonjour server and allowed DT to pick the port. Bonjour is off on client Mac. The client SecuritySpy sees the iMac over the local network just fine but reports it as “offline.” I’ve tried restarting SecuritySpy on both Macs and rebooting the Eero router. All the other networking works great here. I can reach the client iMac with everything else. Thanks.

Welcome @nagar
Did you read this forum post:

Thanks, Bluefrog. Yes, I’d seen that post and followed its advice. Except I hadn’t tried removing the Bonjour sync instance on the client and then re-adding it. That seems to have done the trick: the server Mac is now not shown as offline.

The client Mac has been down for quite a while with a major system problem. So the client Mac, and my iOS devices, have not been able to sync to the server Mac. Meanwhile I’ve been using DT on all my devices. If I re-enable Bonjour sync to the server Mac can I be confident that there will be no data loss? The more recent Devonthink items on the client Mac and iOS devices will properly sync back to the server?


The data should merge but of course you should have your local backups available, just in case.