server version

Hi there. Have been a long-time fan of DevonThink Pro Office and recently I realized with the web search included in that version, it offers a really nice way to make data available to others. That’s the great part. Downside? I have to stay logged in to the machine to keep the web-enabled version of my database up & running.

What I’d like to do is move my “local” database to an XServe in the office and have my DTPro database served up by code running on the server. But I’d like it to run as a daemon so I don’t have to remain logged in to have the server app functioning.

Have you thought about making a server-based “search” daemon available for DTPro? Or is there a way to have a copy of DTPro (even read-only would be useful) running on a server as a background process?

I second the request for to be able to web share out a database in read only mode from a second computer/server.

Yes, we have thought about that but at the moment our main priority is finishing off DEVONthink 2.0, then a new version of DEVONagent. But we have some ideas that handle exactly your case.

That’s great to hear. And if it turns out to be a separate program requiring a separate registration, that would be OK by me (since I’d envision using it as a way to expose data and not a full-featured input/ocr/edit/etc app. I’m really just looking for a daemon or a process I could run under Apache.