Services from Firefox

Hello Forum,
I have just switched from Safari to Firefox as my web browser. I cant seem to get the services menu for DevonThink or Agent to work. Any ideas?
All the best, Simon

Firefox is a Carbon application and thus does not automatically take advantage of the Services menu like a Cocoa application does. Carbon apps can be written to utilize the Services menu, but apparently the developers chose not to do this.

People have lots of reasons for choosing one Mac Web browser over another.

If you plan to transfer Web material into a DEVONthinkd atabase very frequently, Sarari is the standard for overall speed and ease of use in faciliting data downloads to DEVONthink. OmniWeb, which uses the same engine, is a close second. Safari is Cocoa, so it’s compatible with Services. DT can obtain the URL from a note being captured within Safari; that’s not possible with some other browsers.

It’s safe to say that as new DT features are introduced that involver Web browser interaction, they will first be tuned to the Safari browser and to Apple’s WebKit.

This doesn’t address your question directly but you might try Camino. You can use services with Camino. It’s a close cousin to Firefox.


I just tried Camino, which I really like, but noticed that when using the Services menu, Devon allows me to take or append only a plain note, not a rich note, as I can with Safari. Any idea why?

Camino doesn’t deliver rich text, only plain text.