Services Menu in DT Pro Menu Bar

I was looking at page 12 of the Preview (print) version of the DTP documentation and noticed that the screenshot on that page shows the Services Menu in the DTP menu bar. How do you do that!!! It’s very cool. I assumed – and still assume I guess – that this is something that would be set in preferences, either of DT or OSX but I can’t find it in either place.

Can anyone tell me how to do that?



Download HotService from

Note: The Services menu is also a contextual menu option in DT Pro and DEVONagent.

Thanks, Bill, I’ll download it now. Services, however, doesn’t seem to be an option in my contextual menu within DT Pro.


Try selecting some text and see if Services is available from the contextual menu. In my experience there has to be something selected that is actionable before the menu appears. In other words, if viewing the Services menu conventionally shows that all services are dimmed, the Services menu will not appear in DT Pro’s contextual menu.

Greg: you were right. In an open document with something selected, there was a services menu in the contextual menu. I opted, however, to use Hotservices for two reasons: First, using the contextual menu I first have to move my mouse down to Services to open the Services menu and then choose what I want. With Services in the app menu bar, there’s only one selection to make.

One strange thing, though, is that in my app menu bar, the Services menu doesn’t say Services, rather there’s a • (option-8) that indicates the menu is there. Odd, but it works for me.


I use the HotService menu myself, mostly because it is available in any application that makes use of Service items. An earlier version of HotService said ‘Services’ and I believe it was changed to the bullet character to make the menu bar less cluttered.

The dot was intended to replace “services” to save menu bar space.