Services Menu question

My DevonThink 3 services menu appears to be in German.
I don’t speak, or read, German.

Does a reboot fix this? Otherwise reinstalling the app should (as it’s typically a caching issue of macOS which handles the services menus)

Welcome @j_r

  • Does this persist after rebooting the machine?



I just ran into the same problem after installing DevonThink 3 on a new Mac (MacBook Pro 2021 running macOS Monterey v12.6). I see that similar issues have cropped-up several times here over the years. Restart/reinstall/reboot didn’t work for me, but forcing a rebuild of the services solved my problem; I ran pbs in a terminal, thus:

/System/Library/CoreServices/pbs -flush  

Then opened the services menu again. I understand that services are rescanned at this point and this can take some time if many applications are installed, although it was effectively instantaneous on my fresh Mac.

Kudos to Howard Oakley at The Eclectic Light Company for his helpful insight into macOS services. I can’t post the link here as this is my first post on this discourse, but you can find the article by searching the web for:

At your service: Services menus - The Eclectic Light Company

Hope this helps.

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Welcome @Dave.Shone

Thanks for sharing this info and its efficacy for you. Perhaps it will be of use for future users as well.

And here is a link to the article:

And yes, Howard is a very knowledgeable person on many subjects! :slight_smile:

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