Set tag of current doc via ios shortcuts / sharesheet?

Hi, is it possible to set the tag of a DTTG document via the sharesheet (using ios automation)? I can see how to set metadata but not how to do so for the selected document

Processing DEVONthink To Go’s selection in iOS’s Share sheet currently is not feasible in iOS 15.

There is a DEVONthink To Go command to process a selected file, but a URL scheme in a shortcut no longer runs in the Share sheet.

Thank you. Is it possible in DT3? What I’d like to do is to select a file, set the tag to something, then save that PDF to a folder in Dropbox and also to marginnote. The latter two I can do in DTTG, I’m not at all familiar with the automation possibilities on the Mac

No problem.
So you want to manually tag the file?
Then have it export to a specific Dropbox folder?

Yes. I’m still trying to think my way through a workflow for reading things on my android based E-ink device: Right now I’m thinking I could tag the file to alert me to the fact it’s read outside of DT, then copy it to a Dropbox folder that syncs with my eink device. And ideally also drop a copy into marginnote

I can’t comment on what MarginNote can or can’t do, but you can try this…

Index a receiving folder in your local Dropbox folder.
Set up a smart rule targeting the database you’re working, or even better a group in that database.
Set up the criteria, e.g., Kind is Any Document and Tag is _____, whatever the tag you’re using is.
Set the event trigger to On Tagging.
Add a Move action pointing to the indexed group in the database.

Now when you add the appropriate tag, it will be moved to the indexed group, i.e., into the external folder in the Finder.

Note: I set it up as a Move. If you’re going to copy the file, you should add subsequent actions to keep the file from being matched by the smart rule again. This could be removing the tag, adding a label, moving the file to a different location, etc.

PS: I don’t have Dropbox installed on this machine but I think you can figure out the changes :wink:

Hi Jim - is this likely to change in a future update? Most, if not all, of my AppleScripts run on a “selection” and I would like to mimic this with shortcuts on my iOS devices that lack AppleScript support.