Setting an alternative name for all items in a group (alias)

Wondering if there is a way to do this SEARCH.
Suppose I have a group called ACME BEER CORP.
That company is often referred to as ABC.

How can I set it such that a search for “ABC and X” will find any occurrences of term X within the documents of that group ACME BEER CORP, without having to remember to tag every document I put in there with ABC each time.

Basically, I want all documents within the group to automatically inherit tag/property “ABC”

Via the group/folder info panal, I tried
alias (then realized they were for wikilinks).
comments on the top level group/folder. Didn’t work
tags on the top level folder, they do not seem to stick.

Thanks for any assistance,
DEVONthink Pro, Mac.

What do you mean when you say they don’t seem to stick? If you have assigned a tag to a group via the group’s info panel, all documents, and sub-groups, will inherit that tag.

So if I have the group hierarchy:

Group ‘Acme Beer Company’ (assigned tag ‘ABC’)
‘Document A’
-Sub-group ‘Tax Documents’ (assigned tag ‘tax’) containing ‘Document B’

The Document A will be tagged ‘ABC’ and ‘Document B’ will be tagged ‘ABC’ and ‘tax’.

Took a while to work it out, but I found the issue.

Not sticking” mean that if I type the TAG “ABC” the INFO panel for a group, once I click away and return, it is empty again.

I finally realized (by trying other tags there) that it was an issue with this one specific tag: I also had that same text ABC in the ALIAS field, and it will not allow the tag to be both it seems. Once I cleared the ALIAS, it “stuck”.

Thanks for the help!