Setting links to Annotations


I’m trying to see if can automatically create an annotation link via a shell script. I suspected Annotion Link information might be saved as an extended file attribute, but it doesn’t seem that way. Is not directly linked to a file but instead stored elsewhere, like in a .dtMetaStore file?

Is there a way to set the annotation record target (presuming I have the right DEVONthink URI on importing a document (like with kMDItemWhereFroms fills the URL fileld in DT)?

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The internal UUID which is used by these links is automatically generated and only stored inside the database. The only possibility to access this would be via AppleScript or JXA.

Thanks @cgrunenberg, I can try starting from that. What I would like to do is keep a separate (possibly external, indexed) folder that hold all my annotations and manually (or in this case: via Applescript) use these files as my annotations. I’ve also been reading this discussion: Annotations Keyboard Shortcut - #20 by cgrunenberg. I’m assuming it’s not recommended, but technically possible (until something breaks)?

This is a minor issue which the upcoming release will fix.