Setting macOS Keyboard Shortcuts for Text Styles Does Not Apply Them

Because I use DT mainly for writing, I rely on text styles heavily. Current expectation that I have to go through the styles menu to apply styles is a sanity-defying experience :frowning:

I followed the instruction in DT tip to rely on macOS system preference / keyboard / app shortcuts and I got it to work to invoke the ‘Format / Style / Styles…’ menu item, but it never worked when I use the text style name as the menu name e.g. ‘HeaderStyle1’. Hitting the keyboard shortcuts did not apply the style. I know the keyboard combo works because it invokes the ‘Styles…’ menu item as a verification.

Is anyone able to make it work on Big Sur? What am I missing?


Did you open the styles dropdown in DEVONthink after setting the custom hotkey?
If not, you must as (1) it will register the hotkey, and (2) it allows you to check if the hotkey was entered properly

.Screen Shot 2020-12-22 at 09.26.19 AM

Thanks for the reply and sorry for the delay. I did. The styles menu shows the key combination assigned to the style name. Highlighting text and using this combo does not apply the style. Clicking through the menu applies style correctly. Assigning same key combo to higher level menu items such ‘Styles…’ invokes the menu successfully. It is just does not work for the styles themselves.

I took another look at your screenshot and realized we are talking two different menus. Your’s is the one seen in the formatting editor bar when opening a document. I was referring to the menu shown in the main app menu under format / styles. If I open the doc, the keyboard combo works fine. It does not work, however, if I edit the doc in the main application window. Inconsistent experience, but I have to open the doc every time I want to apply styles. Inconvenient, but I can live with.
Thanks again for you support.

You could try to see whether any other app occupies the shortcut (although that doesn’t seem to be the case here as it works in a document window but not in a main window).

To set shortcuts you could try It makes it easier to use the full path to an menu item, just start typing the first letters of the menu, then of the submenu and so on.