Setting the author of an rtf file

Is it possible to manually set the author of an rtf file inside DT?

Tools > Show Properties

For documents kinds that support properties, this panel is the way to modify them. This is usually RTF and PDF.

Thank you, I had overlooked this tool. And it is useful, though very laborious if it is not possible to batch process the fields of files. For what I can see, batch processing of fields has not been included in DT but

  • has a DEVONthink Applescript been developed for it?
  • do you know of any external app that can batch modify rtf metadata, such as the existing ones for pdfs?

If I recall this came up last year and the answer was that “author” is a read-only property of PDF and RTF files (as far as DEVONthink is concerned). A script is probably not possible.

You could check with one of the AppleScript forums (like perhaps. I assume something could be done to modify the metadata element “kMDItemAuthors” – it’s just not currently possible with DEVONthink.

Thanks for your reply.
I was thinking of a script similar to the one included in DT for changing the creation dates of files, which I use often. Creating a script for authors is too advanced for me. I’ll just have to wait to use the Author column, since changing it file by file is far too time consuming.