Setting up a functional web wiki using DT3

I am a teacher with DevonThink 3. I would like to set up a functional wiki, available to my students, and I’m wondering how best to do this.

My Devonthink account shows I purchased DT3, but the “Start Server” menu item is still starred and just points to my DT3 license dialog.

I’m thinking that I would need:

  • a computer properly configured to be available on the internet.
  • Devonthink running on that computer, with web server started and configured.
  • a DT database on that computer that is configured to be shared on the web server.

I would like to avoid a dedicated computer. I’ve looked briefly at something like MoveableType.

Maybe there is a better option than DT for this application. I was hoping to have a database in DT function as a knowledge base that is easily and immediately available to students without a lot of extra labor. Maybe by exporting as a website and host it on a hosting service.

Which edition did you purchase? Only the Server edition supports this.

This is one option, DEVONthink could also run on a second user account. Another option is to use the website export.

Is it possible to automate the website export in any way? Like, every time DT starts/closes, export/update the website files again.

The website export can’t be scripted yet (or only via user interface scripting).

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I may be mistaken, but I thought Devonthink 2 Pro Office came with the web server feature. Nevertheless, exporting as a website, as I understand it (and I probably don’t), requires a fair amount of post-export work by creating an index.htm file with links to the files exported. It would be nice if the export generated that index.htm file.

The export creates a working website including .html file.

You simply need a place to host it - which could be as simple as setting up a web server on the same Mac where you run DT3.

I may be mistaken, but I thought Devonthink 2 Pro Office came with the web server feature.

It does (did). But that is the 2.x line.
DEVONthink 3 Pro does not have the server component, as it’s generally intended for business, academia, and group colloboration (though anyone with the financial resources can use it too).

I don’t know what I’m missing. I’ve repeatedly tried exporting a group as a website. All I get is an export of folders containing files. No html file.

When you go to save it choose Options:

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Oh for Pete’s sake! :man_facepalming: … I never noticed the Options button. THANK YOU!!!

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