setting up search sets

I have had DA for years. I bought it with DT. I hardly use it because I have not set up properly. I have a number of newbie questions.

I am not understanding setting up search sets, so I am not using it effectively. How broad or narrow should a search set be?

How should I be using the web prototypes (Deep, deeper, Express etc.)? I am guessing that looking up normal medical information might be different from looking for alternative medicine information where the information is not so popular might require more depth?

I am just guessing, but it seems that the “default Query” and secondary query for each set is key to effective use.

Should I also narrow down the use of plugins. So, if I am looking for medical information, maybe use fewer of the image plugins? But images often help me to understand a medical subject. How should I think about that?

Start with a narrow search and use a broader/deeper one if the search shouldn’t return enough or not the desired results.

Search sets using only specific plugins are definitely recommended.