Setting up sync with Owncloud share


I was trying to set up sync with an Owncloud share, and ran into a problem (separate thread).

However, this caused me to step back and wonder: what is the appropriate way to set up an Owncloud share for syncing with DT’s new sync features?

Should I be setting it up to sync directly via WebDav, as I’ve been attempting?

Or would it be better to have Devonthink sync to the local Owncloud share on my drive, then let OwnCloud do the syncing to the server?

I’m not clear on this, and haven’t run across anything in the documentation specifically to address this.

Perhaps my assumption is wrong about needing to sync directly via webdav…?

Thanks in advance,

WebDAV is recommended as it’s unnecessary to mount volumes.

Thanks for your response.

However, with Owncloud, there is no volume mounting. The sync store is local, and then the software handles the sync to the server automatically. Much like a local Dropbox share.

I have been unable to get DT to access the server via webdav.

So, until I get that sorted out, will it be a problem to sync to the local share (which is then synced to the server)?


This worked for me:

DEVONThink Pro --> Sync Settings

Add WebDav Server
Sync Store: DTProStore.dtCloud

Shouldn’t be an issue as long as OwnCloud’s sync is reliable.