Setting up workflow with DTPro, Bookends, & Scrivener

Pausing Resilio Sync on all computers made the behavior disappear. Also, after opening DT, the equivalent directories in the three computers were updated with the files added in the related directory in the first computer, so in effect DT is syncing them, which makes including those directories in Resilio sync superfluous—as long as I open at some point DT in any of my computers after adding files to that directory, of course. This is cumbersome, but not impossible. However, the issue remains of indexing the Bookends iCloud folder in DT, since the duplicates seem to be spawned by a secondary syncing on top of DT’s process. The reason to use iCloud for the Bookends attachment folder is to be able to have the attachments available to the iOS version of Bookends, of course.

Is the conclusion to be drawn from the above that we should not index in DT the iCloud Bookends attachment folder, even if it means eschewing the use of the iOS version of Bookends?

Would not indexing the Bookends attachments in iCloud alleviate the issue? I bet it would.However, we have drawn no conclusion at this point.

The issue is definitely being caused by indexing data already being synced by another processes. But so far we have been unable to reproduce the issue.

  • Are the attachments from Bookends just coming in when you’re importing entries inside Bookends? Or are you manually dragging and dropping them into Bookends?
  • Are you using Bookends’ Preferences > Server to allow web access?

Whenever I add an attachment to a new reference in Bookends, the duplicates begin to appear in the other instances of DT running in my other computers. I am not running a server for Bookends.

Can you hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug in DEVONthink to start a support ticket?

hi @dayknito and @sdexter

I wonder where you guys are at with DTPro and Bookends? I, too, use Bookends for collecting/collating and storing academic papers, PDFs etc. I currently use Highlights for annotation of PDFs and Bear App for taking notes in basic markdown.

I am tempting to perhaps switch to DTPro for note taking, however, I’m just unsure as I have a lot of notes in Bear App. Within Bear, I’d used hashtags as a means of tagging authors, topics and themes…

Welcome @dustinhdt

DEVONthink natively supports conversion of hashtags to DEVONthink tags so that shouldn’t be a deciding factor in your use of Bear.

Also, Bear doesn’t use a normal filing system for your data, i.e., independent Markdown file that are easily transportable or accessible with other applications. That’s something to consider.