Setup DT To Go Sync


Just downloaded DT To Go.

Could anyone please direct me to a quick guide that explains how to quickly set up the syncing between DT on the Mac en DT To Go on the iPad? I want the Databases on my Mac to be readable from my iPad.

I do have a dropbox account and DT To Go already created an App folder in there. That’s about all I know. Please help.

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Tap the ? button on iOS, choose “Help” in the menu and navigate to Synchronize your databases > Quick Start.


But the instructions are not for me. I’m a nerd but probably not such a sync-geek as the average DT user. Sorry about that.

I think I’m interested in the Bonjour setup (& for the moment not the Dropbox setup).

On the iPad I created password under the Bonjour options and DTTG created a port number.
I tried to see if I could see the iPad device now under the Sync menu from the DT preferences on the Mac. But I can see no incoming connections.

There are two Sync tutorials posted here: … rials.html

Also, you do not need Bonjour turned On on the iOS device unless it was hosting its own databases.

Hi Jim,

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Thanks for the tutorial. Exactly what I was looking for.

Instead of the Sync menu with the "Bonjour Options"that is shown in the tutorial (step 4 from 12), my menu is like that from the attachment image. I cannot find the Bonjour Options on my Mac(book).

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Cannot see this one:

Never mind. Didn’t update to the latest version. Thanks for helping me out.

No problem and yes, make sure you are keeping your software up to date.

Yeah sure, the problem was enhanced a litlle-bit because en the older version, when I clicked “… check for updates” it didn’t respond with the usual pop-up anymore, so I unfortunately thought I was good to go. The latest version works as a charm however.

Congrats on the great DTTG app for you and your team: there is a lot to like about it!

Thanks! :smiley: