Setup Synology NAS Limited to Simple Local Access

I’m setting up a new Synology DS220j NAS and trying to determine where to keep 32GB of DevonThink .dtBase2 files which had previously been on a local HDD.

It’s a simple situation using DT3 Pro (not Server) by only one user on a local lan. Forum tips posts mentioning WebDAV cloudy the options for me that might apply. And I don’t think any syncing is required.

General and multimedia files are currently shared from the NAS by SMB over wired Ethernet. There is only one user and no external access to the network. My reasoning behind moving only 32GB to the NAS was for the consistency of files stored in a single location and also for backup.

When connected by SMB the update of content in a couple database items, verification indicated some missing file errors. Repair did not fix. Same thing in the next database. So I returned to keeping the .dtBase2 files on a local HDD for now.

The main question is whether the .dtBase2 files can be successfully accessed on a NAS? A follow-up question is how? Is WebDAV the only option? Is SMB a problem? How about AFP as another possibility?

Please, I’d appreciate comments about the best simple approach.

If the Mac is hardwired you could but generally we do not advocate putting the databases on an NAS. An external hard drive is a better option.

WebDAV would be for syncing, not accessing the databases.

SMB would be the standard if you were mounting the NAS in the Mac.

I noticed that too. Whatever happened to AFS?

Thanks for the quick and succinct response BLUEFROG. But why did I experience database errors from item updates when using SMB as the “standard”? Is the SMB to NAS approach taking a chance?

if you mount a volume via the network, the standard is SMB. However, you should not store your databases in a networked location. Regardless of the protocol.

You’re welcome.

I don’t know what errors you’re referring to here. Can you clarify?

Verification (File > Verify & Repair Database) produced a bunch of missing file errors and could not repair them. Happened on two occasions with two databases which freaked me out.

Missing files can’t be repaired. This is covered in the Help > Documentation > Troubleshooting > Repairing a defective database > Missing Files.

I had kept duplicate database files on the local HDD while trying the SMB approach to the NAS. So not an issue. That is except for loss of confidence in DT3/SMB/NAS.

My takeaway is from this experience is…

Thanks for the help.

Do you believe that DEVONthink deleted the files or otherwise caused the files to become missing? What was the reason? Were the files missing on the NAS?

(Missing files in my experience caused by me removing files in the file system indexed and not in DEVONthink).


Don’t think they were deleted by DT3. I did not track them down on the NAS. It happening at all was enough to turn me off from that approach.