Several "default" opened DBs when starting DT?

I’m splitting my content in several databases, but I would like for some of them, the ones I want to be reachable through the web server, to be systematically opened by default every time DT starts.

Is this possible? If so how?

Not currently. I’d like to see a Default Databases pane in the Preferences to make this possible/centralized, though.

Could you (if you haven’t already) formally request that feature at the Help Desk?

Thanks for the tip regarding the “Help Desk”. While I did receive a reply from Bill DeVille, I think using forums like this is better, as others can also benefit from the info without asking time and time again the same question.

I don’t object to posts in the forums… but posts to the Help Desk make it a heck of a lot easier for the developers to keep track of requests, which increases the probability of $REQUEST showing up sooner rather than later.

Yeah, I keep waiting for it to work that way. It’s kinda like Communism.

Perhaps DEVONtechnologies would consider implementing a public knowledgebase, actually based on non-private (non-sensitive info) support tickets?

I still have loads of questions regarding the product, yet I don’t want to drown the helpdesk with support tickets and shift their focus (and resources) from more significant/critical requests and efforts. I suspect like for this one, that some of these questions already have been asked before.

All roads lead to Rome, yet some might be more efficient.

We already have a FAQ in our Support area and I would be happy to extend it based on suggestions here.

This is exactly why we run this forum here. This is the right place to ask questions, look for answers given before, and exchange thoughts with fellow users. Our team members are also around, pick up ideas, and answer to questions.

While I think it would be very nice to be able to specify multiple default databases for opening at startup, I think the most useful thing would be a setting that allows one to choose to start with the exact configuration from when the program was last closed.

Yes, in a future release.