Several photos/videos in one document

Hi there,

I am new to DT and DTTG and wonder if I can not only replace Evernote but also DayOne (a popular diary app) with it. For this reason I am looking for a way where I could simply either

  • new object/media, select several images or videos or
  • go to my photo roll, select several objects and forward it to DTTG.

Unfortunately, this only works for a single photo at the moment.

I found several posts about this here in the community, but never a solution to it, so I thought I try again.

Cheers, Harry.

Welcome to the DEVONthink forum.

What happens when in DEVONthink you create a new Rich Text document, then drag and drop from Apple Photos app?

Or perhaps create outside of DEVONthink a Word/Pages/Other document that can handle imported files as you seek to collate into a document, add those imported files, then import that document in DEVONthink.

Remember that DEVONthink is best thought of, initially, as a container for documents. I say “initially” because as you grow your use of DEVONthink you’ll discover other things useful to you.

Thank you for your reply!

AFAIK this would work on the desktop app only, which would be very clumsy for a diary function, where I usually just take photos wherever I am and add them to the diary right away.
To move this to the desktop, I’d have to do the editing, when I am back home, maybe even a day later or so.

Sorry, didn’t realise you were asking exclusively for DEVONthink ToGo.

Might be a way to do what you want. Not something I ever wanted so haven’t explored. Me, I’d keep the photos in the Photo’s App which will have date and (if wanted) GPS location data to enable retrieval related to a diary date. I wouldn’t want to clutter up DEVONthink which is best used for documents (in my use of the app).

Sounds, though, like a dedicated diary app like Day One might help you over-come the clumsiness you see.

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I am currently using DayOne but I wonder if it’d be possible to migrate to DT so I can have control over my data. DayOne works perfectly and there are some posts here on the forums where people migrated from DayOne to DT, but the migration would be useless if I cant get a good workflow for new entries in place.
And I also keep my photos in the photo app, but for special moments I create a diary entry with some text describing the moment and explaining the photos and/or videos.

You can add photos from Photos library or take a picture directly in a rich text document in DEVONthink To Go…

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Oh thanks for that hint!

I think I will stick with DayOne for now since handling this kind of document handling feels very clumsy, like create a note, write something, change the format to RTF, save it, open it, tap on modify and add images where the image picker is quite counter intuitive since the blue checkmarks don’t stick on all images you want to add but just the last one you selected (while it still adds all other images as well).