Several Questions (AI, tags)

Is it possible to group tags together so that a tag does not appear countless times in the tags (why is that anyway?).

How does the display of “similar” or “related” documents (AI) work. Sometimes the results match well. Sometimes they are so far away from each other that it steals more time than dealing with the aspect. Is there any way to influence the results?

Is there a roadmap from Devonthink so I can see what is being worked on and what features are coming next?

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Searching for road map in the forum (which is always a good idea) will answer that question.

  • I’m guessing you’re viewing the top-level Tags in the Globals. If so, this is an intersection of the tags groups of all open databases. If you have the same tag in multiple databases - remembering each database has its own set of tags - you would see them together as shown.

  • The AI examines the content or tags - and for classification, the location - of documents. With this information, it will make suggestions based on the data is has collected and examined. The more data it has to work with, and the more consistently you file things manually, the more accurate the suggestions become over time. It learns as data comes in.

  • Sorry but no, there is no publicly available roadmap of our development projects and/or schedule. This has been our company policy for a very long time.