Sh-h-h! Off Topic question: Anyone know of a Menubar notep

I’m asking here for a friend.

Does anyone know of a simple notepad or stickies-type of menubar application? Something where you just click the menubar icon and a blank sheet drops down and some text is entered. No bells and whistles such as formatting, image capture, links, lists, colors, encryption, alerts, etc. needed. Simply notepad is all. Menubar is a must for her.


Scribblet is a very nice (and free) solution. I started using it months ago after I lost some data with SideNote. I have found Scribblet to be convenient and reliable. Works from the menubar and/or with a hotkey of your choosing.


You could take any AppleScriptable notepad application and enter your note in a plain window that your script generates - and then store it in the application of your choice (DevonThink??).

For the Menubar: use Fastscripts ( You can even make a global keyboard shortcut for “take a note”. thats even faster than clicking the menubar.

I use Edgies for this type of thing.