Share and Sync via DropBox

Hello everyone,

my colleague and I both have DT Pro Office and Dropbox installed. Now we would like to collaborate via DropBox. Unfortunately, we can’t see a way for successfully syncing our DropBoxes.

Available tutorials and threads within this forum did not help me with connecting our SyncStores.

Any help appreciated.

Thanks and best regards!

Do you use the same Dropbox account?

No, we don’t.

You will not be able to Sync between Dropbox accounts. Cross-account Syncing is not allowed.
If you are using a Dropbox Sync for non-collaborative data, you can’t add another Dropbox account for the collaborative data. This is disallowed by Dropbox’s newer rules.

We suggest creating a common account on another cloud service, like CloudMe or Box, and using that for the collaboration. You will both use and login with the same credentials and access the same Sync location.

Thank you for the comprehensive explanation.

I am a little bit concerned about the recommendation to both use the same credentials from an administrators POV. I guess this is where business accounts come into play. I will have to test that.

Thank you very much.

If the collaborator is trustworthy, I wouldn’t expect any concern. The account and Sync location is for this specific purpose. I’m not advocating sharing non-collaborative credentials with someone.

PS: I have other Users successfully (and securely) using this method of collaboration.
PPS: Data can optionally be encrypted on Sync and is then stored encrypted in the Sync location.

oh – these thoughts are not about trust but about an administrators intuition. This method is totally fine with a few people but my gut feeling tells me that it does not scale. I would have to dig deeper in my thoughts to make them explicit.

Thank you for your response! :slight_smile:

Let me say a nonsense:

What about a shared Dropbox folder for the documents, and that shared folder indexed in both DT?

Unfortunately, DT does not support using DropBox folders via normal file system access. It will simply not allow you to create or save within DB.

Correct. This is not a data-safe practice. We have seen too many damaged databases, so we have specifically disallowed the behavior.

I support this decision.

Is there a cloud service scenario that allows having each user different credentials?